The Guardian - What's the next big thing in interiors ?

7 June 2008

Charlotte Abrahams asks Neisha Crosland...

Favourite independent retailer - De Ferranti for tiles (020-7384 4424 An extraordinary collection from all over the world. Look out for embossed leather finishes and hand-patinated metallic tiles.

Trend predictions for the year ahead - Patterned ceilings. There are lots of ways to do it - moulded plasterwork is worth looking at (London Plaster Craft has a great selection; 020-7736 5146, or try wallpaper, lacquer or paint. But remember: ceilings always look darker than walls.

Top high-street store - While lots of stores depend on celebrity mania, John Lewis has a mind of its own and is constantly reliable.

Key decorating tip - Allow wallpaper to strut its stuff right across a room, rather than just on a feature wall - rhythm is gained by momentum and feature walls can look like cheap art. If you're doing a small room, cover the ceiling as well, so you make it feel like a beautiful little jewel box.

If you could spend money on only one thing, what would it be?

Lighting: getting that right is the key to a successful room. Put lights on dimmer switches (if you put them all on three amp, they can be controlled from one switch). Beware of too many spots. Line lampshades with gold paper to soften the light.

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