18 October 2008

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Whether it’s providing exquisitely detailed mosaics to spa and bathroom areas, sourcing hand-painted precious metals for floors and panelling or simply creating statement architectural elements such as rock crystal tap heads or backlit onyx for a salon bar, De Ferranti can meet demands.

'My clients are after unique decorative touches for their yachts that can't be found elsewhere,’ explains Alvaro de Ferranti. ‘Over the years, I have sourced all kinds of rare materials – even a bath for an en suite that was painstakingly hewn out of petrified wood – fossilized wood that is millions of years old and has been infiltrated with minerals. In all of these commissions it has been very important that materials are lavish, bespoke and, above all, highly individualistic. Our sophisticated clientele do not want to see their product in the next person's yacht because their boat is generally an important symbol of their taste and status.’

Another new trend for the luxury end of the flooring market is this sumptuous mother of pearl, often used in the interiors of super yachts, but now increasingly borrowed by interior designers where room schemes require that something extra special. One of the most popular places to put it is the bathroom, but this exquisitely beautiful surface can be used in cloakrooms, bedrooms or any area needing a dazzling decorative feature.

Also stone and ceramic experts, Alvaro de Ferranti offers these mosaics in several different patterns including fish scale with decorative brass pins, white mother-of-pearl with contrasting abalone shell and a basket-weave pattern.

‘Although it’s very luxurious, there are ways to keep the cost down,’ explains de Ferranti. ‘One highly effective method is to incorporate mother of pearl into your flooring as an accent. Cabochons or linear borders give that look of decadence without costing as much as a solid veneer placed over an entire floor.’

Mother of pearl can also be inlaid into marble and limestone, set in relief or introduced as a glittering highlight. ‘Recently we did an entire bath, inside and out, with micro mosaics of mother of pearl – the ultimate in decadence!’

Price from £1,800 per sq metre exc VAT.

Customized commissions can be created out of De Ferranti’s favoured materials. Cinnamon, coconut and palm; glass crystal diamanti; embossed repousse panelling; hammered brass, silver, bronze and copper; pebble and micro mosaics, mother of pearl, abalone or freshwater shell; basketweave or opus sectile limestone to name but a few products that are highly suitable for yachts.

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