Sticky Toffee

These extremely Gothic ceramic encaustic tiles are derived from 11th Century originals.

A mixture of different clays gives the marbled effect (reminiscent of Florentine marbled papers – or indeed sticky toffee pudding!).

Available in two colourways: brown/cream and black/cream.

Product Specifications:

Length: 10
Thickness: 2
Width: 10
Finishes: Glazed, Handmade

Product Applications:

Internal use

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More about Medievalissimo:

This handicraft involves skilled mastery of the alchemy of clays and the delicate firing process

At the time of Thibaut IV, the huge medieval fairs of the Champagne region became the cradles of a decorative art that radiated throughout Christiandom.

Alluvial deposits used through the ages gave the artists, craftsmen and workmen of the epoque the material they needed to give free rein to their imagination. 

In order to create tiles of a high aesthetic value to adorn the cathedrals and the mansions of the noblemen, they invented a technique that resembled engraving.

These artisans replicated their medieval world: the bestiary prevalent on farms and in the forests, the heraldic repertory, and various natural vines, together with a whole series of different geometric shapes that were assembled into larger geometric patterns.

De Ferranti have also developed a Marbled tile that has been influenced by this period.


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