Opus Signinum

Crushed terracotta and mosaic pavement.

Ancient form of paving based on layers of mortar made from clay powder and lime (cocciopesto), inset with marble mosaic.

From De Ferranti's Pavimenti Collection

Product Specifications:

Finishes: Antiqued, Custom, Handmade, Honed, Patinated, Polished, Pre-sealed, Pre-waxed

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More about Cocciopesto:

The Old Romans used to call this wonderful material, Opus Signium

Cocciopesto is a plasterous material used for the surfacing of walls and floors. It was often used for lining cisterns due to its waterproof properties.

Cocciopesto is a natural decorative stucco. Using old recipes and new techniques this very versatile material is becomming more popular with clinets that want a product with history and superb technical properties. Not only is this material organic, with excillent perspiration, it is also anti fungal and anti mold (due to the use of lime).

This versatile material is composed of long-seasoning micronized slaked lime, cocciopesto, high-selected calcareous filler, non-toxic additives.

De Ferranti's Cocciopesto collection is bespoke, made to order and can be used in combination with mosaic and other types of Pavements.

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