Vellum Tiles - Parchment Tiles

Add some early 20th Century glamour to your interior

Our Vellum is made from calf skin. For ease of installation, a marine ply base has been expertly overlayed in Vellum by craftsmen who traditionally bind books.

Our Vellum is generally smooth and durable, although there are great variations depending on preparation and the quality of the skin. We prefer to offer a more distressed finish and also offer a custom colouring service.

Product Specifications:

Length: 40
Thickness: 2
Width: 40
Finishes: Handcut, Handmade

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More about Vellum:

Vellum, also referred to as parchment, is usually made from goat and calf skin and has had many applications over the last 1500 years. Its uses varied from map making, early book binding and a plain surface to simply write on.

Turning the skins from leather to vellum is a complex and time consuming process, resulting in a beautiful, translucent, smooth and very durable material. No two skins are the same, with each one having its own markings and character.

Mastering the techniques needed to colour and work with this magical material takes many years as the skin’s original state is not dissimilar to that of a drum, crinkly and dry.

In the 1920's, vellum was used by some of the pioneering French furniture designers such as Jean Michel Frank, Jaques Adnet and Paul Dupre-Lafon to name just a few. They mixed the skins with oak, bronze and other materials such as shagreen to create some stunning pieces. Later in the 50's and 60's Aldo Turo from Italy started colouring the skins with beautiful results.


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