Antique Jerusalem Stone

A unique Limestone that has developed a historic patina unlike any other.

Quarried from the Hebron mountains, this extremely rare gem of a stone is exclusively cut-to-size for De Ferranti. Not only do we offer this unique service, we also can offer clients a even more refined floor by selecting out the Reds.

This floor can also be supplied in its typical random format.

Product Specifications:

Length: 30
Thickness: 2.5
Width: 30
Finishes: Antique Reclaimed

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More about Ancient Floors:

Ancient stones are imbued with the patina of history. Gracefully worn by the passage of countless years, they give instant antiquity. De Ferranti offers both reclaimed floors and ‘new’ floors cut from rediscovered blocks of extinct marbles.

Reclaimed floors are always exciting finds. They range from Biblical (or ‘Jerusalem’) stone to rare terracottas (eg Parrefeuille and Blanc Rose) and historic limestones such as Blonde Bar and Grey Bar de Montpelier. Carefully taken up and restored, they are ready to resume their existence in new locations.

Extinct marble floors offer the opportunity to commission floors in materials often not seen since ancient times. These include Giallo Numidia, a favourite of Imperial Rome, Macedonian Green and Red Porphyry. Newly cut from blocks quarried hundreds of years ago, they offer predictable sizes/thicknesses which are impossible to achieve with reclaimed materials. The option of an ‘aged’ finish can create an historic patina.

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