Flowers of Jordan - Black Iris

Section of an exquisite Micro-mosaic Panel. The Black Iris is also known as 'Iris Nigricans' and is the national flower of Jordan.

Our micro-mosaics are made in tiny pieces of stone, too small to handle with your fingers. Each stone is carefully selected for its natural tone and beauty. We use stone, semi-precious hard stones, agates and many others. Our mosaics are constructed in the ‘vermiculatum’ style providing lots of interesting background movement.


Product Specifications:

Finishes: Custom, Handmade

Product Applications:

Art Installation

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More about Micro Mosaics:

This highly specialist form of mosaic uses minute components to craft complex and highly detailed images. Its delicate technique is closely related to marquetry.

Earliest examples date from the 3rd Century but the art was formalised in the 1700’s by a leading Italian mosaicist, Giacomo Raffaelli and was widely used in the Vatican City.

Traditionally used to decorate objects such as jewellery boxes, shrines and crucifixes. Micro Mosaic can also be combined with other mosaic techniques to provide focus points of extraordinary detail and beauty.

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