Pebbles in Scagliola (section)

Inspired by a 17th C. Table top, Rome.

Mimicking the following rare marbles - giallo antico brecciato, rosso brecciato, fior di pesco, broccatello, breccia dorata, verde antico.

Part of De Ferranti's Scagliola collection

Product Specifications:

Finishes: Custom, Pre-waxed

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More about Scagliola:

Although closely related to Pietra Dura, Scagliogla is a complex art form in its own right. Batches of pigmented plaster, often mimicking natural stone, are inlaid and built up to produce complex pictures.

Ancient Roman artists used Scagliola, but it reached its zenith in 17th Century Italy as a key element of baroque decorations. Architects such as Robert Adam then brought the technique to the golden age of English country houses, using Scagliola as the finish for columns and other architectural elements.

De Ferranti offers access to the few highly skilled craftsmen still working in this medium. Ideal for decorating large areas of walls, floors and columns, Scagliola can also be used for small commissions such as tabletops and wall panels.

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