Marble Opus Sectile Pavement with border

White Marble polished to an egg-shell patina encrusted with a mosaic border

Our Opus Sectile pavements can be supplied in White Marble (as shown), Cream / Ivory / White limestone, Kota stone, Black limestone, Tuffo and Terracotta. Interlocking and supplied over a cement backing for ease of installation forming a seamless floor.

Roman Origin

From De Ferranti's 'Pavimenti' Collection


Product Specifications:

Bespoke: Yes
Finishes: Antiqued, Custom, Handcut, Handmade, Interlocking, Patinated, Pre-waxed, Seamless

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More about Opus-Sectile:

Instead of being made up from small tesserae, Opus Sectile uses larger, specially-shaped elements in stone or tile. These are fitted together to create inlaid patterns or pictures on walls and floors.

Earliest examples of Opus Sectile work come from Ancient Egypt and Asia Minor. It reached an artistic height in Rome, from 4th- 6th Century, often used to create heroic images such as the chariot depicted in the basilica of the Roman Consul Junius Bassus..

Roman high fashion moved on and Opus Sectile moved East, becoming a feature of ornate Byzantine churches. It was not forgotten in Europe though, and by 12th Century, Opus Sectile techniques had become part of the vast repertoire of mosaic skills used by the Roman Cosmati family. Today, it is still practised by a very few specialist craftsman.

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