Barcelona Brown

Hardwearing, elegant and fit for its purpose.

This carboniferous limestone has occasional fossil remains which adds to its appeal. Predominantly rich chocolate brown it is often first choice for hardwearing applications.

Suitable for both residential and commercial installations.

Other brown's in De Ferranti's Rare Limestone collection include Bitter Chocolate Limestone and our equally well know African Brown.

Product Specifications:

Length: 40
Thickness: 2
Width: 40
Finishes: Honed, Polished

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More about Rare Limestone:

De Ferranti's Limestones are carefully selected, having to adhere to stringent and exacting requirements

To make it into De Ferranti's Rare Limestone category, you have to be just that, rare, not to mention precious, unique, hard to get hold of, not for everybody and timeless. There are very few materials that meet the grade. The ones that have, deserve a place in this category

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