Rosellina Lilac Handpainted Terracotta Tile

Hand-painted in an artisan’s studio in Southern Italy

Off-white Floral and corner rose Geometric decor over a lilac background. Made and painted by hand. Of Sicilian origin. 19th C.

From De Ferranti's Italianate Handpainted Tiles Collection


Product Specifications:

Bespoke: Yes
Length: 20
Other Sizes Available: Yes
Thickness: 2
Width: 20
Finishes: Custom, Fired, Glazed, Glossy, Handmade, Handpainted, Matte

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More about Italianate:

The steps of Caltagirone are a fine example of Italianate ceramics, every step, a new visual experience, much like De Ferranti's collection

The use of Italian tile began in the Middle Ages when ceramic tile became a useful architectural medium for the decoration of walls and floors in religious and public building. The tiles, mostly hand decorated majolica, had their origin as a local handcraft. The local artisans, in turn borrowed from the hexagonal terracotta tiles prevalent in the late Roman Empire, and other medieval decorative tiles. By then, Islamic and Moresque tiles had also been introduced to Christian Europe. Italian majolica handcrafters developed new styles, adapted from those types, to fit the changing modes and patterns of interior decoration in both public and private buildings.

De Ferranti works exclusively with a company in Sicily that is truly rooted in history. the techniques and methodology have remain unchanged for centuries, craft that has been passed from father to son.

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