Relief Green Studs and Pure White Marble

Add a touch of sophisticated opulence to your interior walls, architectural elements and furniture finishes

The De Ferranti relief and texture collections are inspired by geometry and what mother nature has to offer. These are available in a variety of stones and finishes. We also pride ourselves in the mastery of semi-precious hardstone relief mosaics which is very time consuming due to the hardness of these stones.

These gentle hand cut and polished reliefs create a 3-D effect, making these textured and shaped mosaics highly architectural. The reflection of light is particularly pleasing to the eye. Why not push the boundaries and use these on furniture too ?

Shown here is a composition made from our pure white marble and green marble.

Supplied on interlocking mesh for easy installation.

Our mosaic textures are made to order, and available in a wide range of different stones and can even be translated into semi-precious stones, metal or wood. 

Other bespoke textures, mosaics and reliefs are made to special commission in ancient, classical and contemporary designs and finishes.


Product Specifications:

Bespoke: Yes
Length: 30
Other Sizes Available: Yes
Thickness: 1
Width: 30
Finishes: Custom, Hand Finished, Handcut, Handmade, Interlocking, Matte, Polished, Seamless

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More about Stone Textures:

The texturing of stone is a fine art and we at De Ferranti love nothing more than playing with the surfaces and finishes of materials, in particular, stone.

Weaving, braiding, piercing, undulating, bumpy, rugged, rough, smooth, polished, waxy, aged, split-faced, chipped...

Stones often differ in hardness, so when we finish our assembled stone items by hand, by rubbing and polishing, we create a beautiful undulating surface texture that is impossible to recapture with a machine. We like to play with matt and polished combinations, combinations of differring textures, we use acids, sandblasting techniques, and believe it or not, sometimes we even 'kick' the items around the factory floor to provide texture.

Textures can be very subtle from Polishing, Honing, to our all time favourite in-between, our signature Egg Shell finish.

We have developed so many age-old to new techniques, so rest assured that at De Ferranti we will help you discover a texture to suit.

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