Chequerboard Cosmati and Mosaic Panel - lightly aged

Beautifully crafted by hand, by artisans who have handed down this craft from father to son

Supplied either lose or on mesh, this attentively created cosmati floor can be used throughout, as a border, or a central tableau or carpet. In addition, the degree of antiqueing can be varied to client wishes. It is all possible at De Ferranti, as we pride ourselves on our ability to be fully customisable.

We are also able to use historic marbles, often extint, if required, as we have sources of old frangments and blocks. These may include Giallo Antico from Numidia, antique green porphyry (serpentine), antique red Egyptian porphyry palombino from Asia Minor, and of course, our vast range of semi-precious stones.

Cosmati work is highly decorative, with inlays of coloured stones, mosaic, glass and gold leaf. A feature of 12th Century Italian architecture, it is named after the Cosma family who were its traditional exponents. 

De Ferranti has rediscovered and nurtured this ancient craft and will design, commission and install fabulously detailed Cosmati walls and floors to special order.

Product Specifications:

Bespoke: Yes
Length: 10 each mod
Other Sizes Available: Yes
Thickness: 2
Width: 10 each mod
Finishes: Antiqued, Custom, Hand Finished, Handcut, Handmade, Matte, Patinated, Polished, Waxed

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More about Cosmati:

A unique form of classical mosaic, Cosmati is extraordinarily decorative, with swirling bands of intricate stone and glass and gilded mosaic contrasted with highly polished white marble. Often used for pavements, Cosmati also decorates architectural elements such as walls and columns.

Inspired by Byzantine mosaic, Cosmati was a technique exclusive to three generations of the Cosma family, working in Rome from the 12th Century. Central to Romanesque architecture, fine examples of their work can be seen throughout Italy…but are concentrated in Rome where they had the patronage of the Pope.

Suprisingly though, London is home to two exceptional Cosmati floors. In 1269, the newly appointed Abbott of Westminster travelled to Rome and was dazzled by the richness of the mosaics. Returning to England, he commissioned workmen and materials from Italy to create Cosmati pavements for Westminster Abbey. The masterpiece is the ’Great Pavement’ in front of the High Altar, completed in 1268.

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