Amoeba Metal Inlaid Tile

Fashioned from Copper, Brass and German Silver carefully inlaid into Sandstone

Each metal segment has been sand cast individually. Not one piece is the same. These amoeboid shapes are then assembled together before they are set into depression created in the sandstone. We think this modern take on the inlay technique is rather fun. What is unstoppable is the tarnishing of the metal which will create a beautiful patina over time.

We can, as with most of the De Ferranti product ranges, combine other materials and substrates to the clients specifications.

Product Specifications:

Bespoke: Yes
Length: 30
Other Sizes Available: Yes
Thickness: 2
Width: 30
Finishes: Custom, Hand Finished, Handmade, Inlaid, Patinated, Sandcasted

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More about Inlay:

Decorative inlay is a technique whereby different materials, often contrasting are set into depressions in the substrate of the field material and then often ground flat.

The technique of inlay has been applied to wood (known often as marquetry), stone and marble (known often and Pietre Dure or Opus Sectile) and to Metal.

De Ferranti can inlay into most substrates, and is able to combine mother of pearl, bone and horn, metal, wood, glass, marble, stone and semi-precious and precious materials. 

Some of the items in this category have categories of their own as they are more specific, for example the craft of Pietre Dure. This section tends to focus on more updated methods of these old techniques.

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