Chocolate Onyx

Chocolate onyx is an exquisite and opulent surface that adds the wow factor to all high-end interiors. Its rich brown colour and elegant striations are much praised

A variety of quartz in crystalline form of calcium carbonate, chocolate onyx is a much sought after surface for interiors because of its characteristic striations of contrasting colour. Chocolate onyx is particularly desirable with its rich shade of brown and its elegant striations of cream or toffee shades.

Uses: bathroom, kitchen, hallway, interiors, floor, wall, panels, worksurfaces and tabletops

Size: 165 x 60cm (shown) but panels are customized to various sizes. Max size 165 x 160cm


Product Specifications:

Length: 165
Thickness: 2
Width: 160
Finishes: Honed, Polished

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More about Rare Marbles and Onyx:

Imbued in history, our rare marbles and onyxes are just that, rare, often from long lost forgotten quarries

From the hills of Snowdonia to the mountains of Carrara, from the quarries of Arrabida to deposits in Taormina, De Ferranti's Rare Marble and Onyx collection is, much like its Rare Limestone collection, completely hand picked. If it isn't rare it just doesn't belong in this category.

Some materials may have generic names, but the selection is what matters. Marbles stained with the colour of time.

De Ferranti's procurement manager travels the world to discover our latest finds, often blocks, long lost and fogotten are sourced, adding to our truly unique offerring. His keen eye ensures we get first refusal on the best marble and onyx available.

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