Sandstone and black marble tile from The Serengeti Collection

These boldly coloured animal print tiles from the Serengeti Collection include four designs, but unlike some products inspired by the animal kingdom these tiles are indisputably stylish.

Exquisite materials are used (sandstone and black marble) and the high quality of the workmanship of each really lifts these above and beyond your average animal print surface material.

Each of the designs is also available in a variety of traditional tile techniques including opus sectile (shown here, inlay or mosaic versions thus allowing for subtle differences of texture.

Opus sectile (an ancient Roman technique of assembling pieces of stone) typically uses pieces that are shaped rather differently and usually a bit larger than the tesserae which are used to create mosaics.


Product Specifications:

Length: 30
Width: 30
Finishes: Polished

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More about Stone Collection:

Natural or handcrafted

Our range of stone encompasses a number of unusual surfaces whether naturally formed or man-made. Fossilized or volcanic stone can be very interesting with all its variation whereas a handcrafted effect of inlaying stone with other stone or marble shows artistry
at its most impressive.


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