Deco glass mosaic in Tortoise Shell

With their envelope mosaic design, these glass metallic tiles are fused with pure gold and platinum.

For sheer decadence, wall surfaces don’t get more luxurious than this. Made up of 3cm-square tesserae that gently undulate, capture and reflect light, these twinkling mosaic tiles are available in three sumptuous metallic colourways from a honey gold to a coppery chocolate.

Created by fusing real gold and real platinum between layers of transparent and coloured glass from the artisans of Murano, each tessera is individually moulded in an elegant criss-cross design or ‘envelope’.


Product Specifications:

Length: 30
Width: 30
Finishes: Custom

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More about Glass Mosaic:

Glass was used in mosaics as early as 2500 BC, but it took until the 3rd Century BC before innovative artisans in Greece, Persia and India created glass tiles.

Whereas clay tiles are dated as early as 8000 BC, there were significant barriers to the development of glass tiles, included the high temperatures required to melt glass, and the complexities of mastering various annealing curves for glass.

In recent years glass tiles have become popular for both field and accent tiles. This trend can be attributed to recent technological breakthroughs, as well as the tiles’ inherent properties, in particular their potential to impart intense color and reflect light, and their imperviousness to water.

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