Blanc Horta

Marble Inlay by The Artistic Tile Company

Blanc Horta uses the botanical forms of Art Nouveau as inspiration and contrasts a polished Thassos snow white marble background and dots with polished Crema Marfil limestone lines and dots as well as various tones of warm beige accented by grey and gold pencil veins with blush undertones; punctuated with dots of polished China Black marble. As these tiles are custom-made, a wide variety of materials and colours can be used – see Bijou Horta, Bleu Horta, Ciel Horta, Sable Horta and Crème Horta.

Product Specifications:

Height: 50
Length: 50
Finishes: Custom, Handmade, Honed, Polished, Waterjet

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More about Waterjet Mosaics:

Our luxury mixed material tiles from The Artistic Tile Company utilise advanced technology to create impressively intricate designs.

Many of these surfaces juxtapose a variety of marbles with either glass or shell and very distinctively utilize a water-jet cutting machine, which with its computer-controlled technology and 60,000 psi cutting head can create curvaceous designs that are so intricate they previously would have been cost-prohibitive. Now the patterns of even the most imaginative and ambitious designer can be brought to life. Each flowing design has a certain modernity about it, but as many of the patterns cleverly play with historical references all the tiles are firmly rooted in the rich heritage of the decorative arts.

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