Fayum Mummy Portrait

Encaustic painting onto wooden panels, then inlaid into stone.

Dating from 1st – 3rd Century Roman Egypt.

Commissions have included door panels, wall tiles inset with portraits to distressed cofferred ceilings (no coffins yet).

De Ferranti’s perfect re-creations of Fayum portraits are available to special commission.

Product Specifications:

Length: 30
Thickness: 2
Width: 30
Finishes: Custom

Product Applications:

Internal use

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More about Fayum Portraits:

Fayum mummy portraits are encaustic paintings made with hot wax onto wooden panels.

Dating from 1st – 3rd Century Roman Egypt, they are astonishingly life-like images of the deceased.

Painted in minute detail by a specialist craftsman, De Ferranti’s perfect recreations of Fayum portraits are available to special commission.

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