Parquet de Versailles in Horn

Expertly fitted together, these geometric horn 'parquets' will add a sense of grandeur to any room.

Bone and Horn artistic work is a traditional craft practiced throughout the Middle East and India.  De Ferranti works with an historic Indian workshop to develop decorative inlaid and assembled panels which can be used on walls and floors or as detailing in furniture. The pure geometric patterns have special impact in monochrome.

Made to order.


Product Specifications:

Finishes: Handmade

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More about Bone & Horn:

By-products of domestic animals such as camels and buffalo, Bone and Horn have been used as decorative materials since earliest times. Both materials lend themselves to a wide range of techniques, from carving to inlay.

De Ferranti uses bone and horn to create unique surfaces for walls and floors as well as inlaid furniture to special commission. Smaller decorative pieces are also inspired by these materials.

Traditional patterns include Ottoman repeat, geometric, chequerboard and brick bond. Bone and horn are also ideal for creating contemporary finishes and can easily be bonded to lightweight panels, offering creative solutions for ‘weight sensitive’ locations such as luxury yachts and private jets.

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