Made by an African Women’s Co-operative, these art tiles are individually decorated; the traditional patterns scribed into the raw clay as it begins to harden.

To achieve their distinctive finish, the tiles are cooked in an open fire before being plunged into sawdust to smoulder.  In a final process, the women brew a strong liquid from local tree barks and leaves and brush it over the surface of the tiles as they cool.

African art tiles are available to special order from De Ferranti. For use on walls only.

Product Specifications:

Length: 20
Thickness: 1
Width: 20
Finishes: Handmade

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More about Tierra Negra:

Inspired by Tierra Negra pottery, De Ferranti have, against all odds, created a truly unique tile collection

Completely handmade with nothing more than clay, our Tierra Negra  ceramic tile collection is truly unique. Traditionally used to fashion cookware, De Ferranti has used its properties to create the 'un-creatable'.

Origins of this type of pottery can be traced back at least 700 years to vases and pitchers found in archaeological sites. Very much a cottage industry, mostly run by the women in a handfull of small villages, each piece is moulded into shape by hand then scribed with primitive tools.

The rich, warm, irridescent, black satin finish is a subtle yet desirable statement in any interior.

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