Texture is used to describe either the way a three-dimensional item actually feels when touched, or the visual "feel" of a two-dimensional piece of work.

At De Ferranti we consider texture do be a very important factor when developing products. Texture can even trick the eye with two dimensional items by using the technique of trompe l'oil creating a three dimensional effect. A good example of this is Eschers Work who is a master at tricking us with his mastery on perspectives. True three dimensional textures are equally important, often creating a sensory feeling when the surface is touched or caressed. Textures can come in the form of different finishes on stone from bush hammering to scribed lines, engraving, pitting, scrafitto, to different weaves from made from the same and / or constrasting stones, marbles, woods, metals and many other fine materials.

Other forms of texture can include patination of materials, from verdigris, rust through to simply the natural aging of materials with day to day use or interaction with the elements. 

We also specialise in the antication / antiqueing of stone flooring to a very authentic time worn finish.

De Ferranti has also succesfully created textures in semi-precious hardstones, no mean feat.

Stone Textures

The texturing of stone is a fine art and we at De Ferranti love nothing more than playing with the surfaces and finishes of materials, in particular, stone. more..

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