Stencilled Stone

Mankind has been irresistibly drawn to decorate stone since the cave drawings of prehistoric times. The porous nature of stone combines with paint to produce a uniquely ‘soft’ decorative finish.

De Ferranti’s stencilled stone is designed to capture a faded, timeless quality. On floors, the technique is often used to create a ‘carpet’ with repeating geometric designs framed within field materials. The same designs can be realised on walls.

Limestone is the traditional material for stencilling, but terracotta and poured concrete floors can also be decorated in this way. Stencilled patterns can also be applied to both Leather and Verre Eglomise, offering designers a complete palette of materials.

Rima & McRae - Haus Series

This unique collection comes from designer-maker Rima Patel of Rima & McRae, the bespoke finishers with whom De Ferranti has long been working. more..

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