Human beings have explored ceramics since earliest times. First out of necessity, to store food and water, and then as an infinite medium for decorative arts. The alchemy of the kiln is part science, part magic.

Every time and every culture has had functional requirements from ceramics; from a Chinese glazed roof tiles to Dutch tiled stoves and Spanish terracotta floors. The sheer ease with which these objects can be elevated beyond simple artisanal offerings, makes ceramics one of the richest categories for artistic experimentation.

Traditional and contemporary ceramics for walls and floors are represented in depth in De Ferranti’s unique collection.

Art Nouveau

Timeless swaying patterns make these hand painted ceramic tiles unique more..


Delft is one of the most instantly recognisable forms of pottery, made in the Netherlands from the 16th Century to the current day. Traditionally, its characteristic white tin glaze is hand-decorated in metal oxides, the most famous being the glowing cobalt blue. more..

Fresco Tiles

Inspired by Ancient frescoes, our tiles have a unique timeless, dusty and dry-looking fresco finish. more..

Haveli by Neisha Crosland

Handmade and handpainted, the Haveli Collection of glazed terracotta tiles by Neisha Crosland has a unique distressed matte finish that makes them feel as if they have just been uncovered in a ruin. In earthy hues, each design is available in several colourways, ranging from black and cream through to combinations of henna with denim, and mossy yellow with reds. Yet the designs are quite clean with small geometrics that work well in both traditional and contemporary interior schemes. more..


Shrouded in mystery, Islamic ceramic art was influenced by many sources more..


The steps of Caltagirone are a fine example of Italianate ceramics, every step, a new visual experience, much like De Ferranti's collection more..


This handicraft involves skilled mastery of the alchemy of clays and the delicate firing process more..

Portuguese Azulejos

Brought to Portugal by the Moors in the 15th Century more..

Tierra Negra

Inspired by Tierra Negra pottery, De Ferranti have, against all odds, created a truly unique tile collection more..

William de Morgan

William De Morgan was probably the most important and innovative potter of the 19th century and, with his friend William Morris, was a leading figure in the Arts and Crafts Movement. more..

William Nicholson Collection

Sir William Nicholson, born 1872, is perhaps best remembered for his brilliant work as a poster designer and printmaker more..

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