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Ancient Floors

Ancient stones are imbued with the patina of history. Gracefully worn by the passage of countless years, they give instant antiquity. De Ferranti offers both reclaimed floors and ‘new’ floors cut from rediscovered blocks of extinct marbles. more..

Bone & Horn

By-products of domestic animals such as camels and buffalo, Bone and Horn have been used as decorative materials since earliest times. Both materials lend themselves to a wide range of techniques, from carving to inlay. more..


By incorporating a border and a feature strip to your marble, stone, or wood floor installation, it is a sophisticated way to show off your artistic side and create a floor that is unique to you. The simplest of flooring can be lifted by the use of borders, medallions or accent pieces. more..

Carved Stone

Bas-relief has been used since ancient times to create sculptural pictures. Standing out from its background, the raised image appears to float…an effect exploited by craftsmen from the Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian eras right to the current day. more..


Human beings have explored ceramics since earliest times. First out of necessity, to store food and water, and then as an infinite medium for decorative arts. The alchemy of the kiln is part science, part magic. more..

Decorative Objects

De Ferranti’s unique ability to fuse extraordinary craft skills with modern technology provides purpose-designed solutions for contemporary interiors; from private homes to luxury yachts and private jets. more..


Why not add some sparkle to your interior ? more..

Embossed Work

Embossed work, or Repoussage, is the ancient art of hammering out or pressing thin metal from the reverse side to produce designs in relief. more..

Fayum Portraits

Fayum mummy portraits are encaustic paintings made with hot wax onto wooden panels. more..

Frescoes and Iconography

De Ferranti specialises in recreating ancient frescos and icons. Painted using the same plant and mineral extract colours and techniques as the originals, they offer perfect facsimiles. more..


Reminiscent of Cordoba Leather, our gesso faced fabric is a truly bold statement more..

Glass Collection

Our glass collections are opulent and imaginative ranging from handblown bubble glass from Bohemian workshops to luminescent swimming-pool brick mosaics with their regular rows of rectangular tesserae in turquoise, sea green and aqua. more..

Inlaid Timber Briquettes

Inlaid timber veneers are bonded to a stable marine ply base, offering an engineered construction ideal for contemporary use. more..


Decorative inlay is a technique whereby different materials, often contrasting are set into depressions in the substrate of the field material and then often ground flat. more..


Jali is ornate pierced stone, carved in ornamental patterns. Used widely in classical Moslem and Indian architecture, Jali work provided decorative screening, often allowing the harem to observe, but be unobserved. more..


From the towering cliffs of Santorini to the imposing rock formations of Mount Etna, De Ferranti's Lava collection is truly magnificent more..


The Leather Collection is inspired by ancient terracotta floors. English saddlery leather is cut to shape and then painstakingly hand dyed and hand finished to create a subtly antiqued patina. more..

Leather Collection

The Leather Collection is inspired by ancient terracotta floors. English saddlery leather is cut to shape and then painstakingly hand dyed and hand finished to create a subtly antiqued patina. more..

Metal Tiles

The sheer alchemy of metal is explored in this collection of extraordinary metal tiles using German Silver, brass, copper, rusted iron and stainless steel. more..


Distressed Mirrors provide a richness and depth which enhances the appearance of any room or space more..


The Mosaic tradition stretches from Babylon and Assyria through to the present day. Earliest examples were often worked in pebbles, but later works favour tiny elements (tesserae) of stone, glass, ceramic, precious minerals and metal. more..

Objects of Desire

To have and to hold sums up this hand-picked selection more..


From antiquity to modern times, pavements take many forms; from simple flags of native stone to vast ‘carpets’ of limestone, terracotta, marble or mosaic. more..

Pebble Mosaics

Pebbles embedded in the paved floor of the Persepolis Palace 3000BC are recognised as the earliest specimen of mosaic art. more..

Pietre Dure

Sometimes known as Florentine Mosaic, this intricate inlay work uses sections of coloured stone to build up detailed pictures. The pieces fit together perfectly, making this technique similar to Opus Sectile. more..

Rare Limestone

De Ferranti's Limestones are carefully selected, having to adhere to stringent and exacting requirements more..

Rare Marbles and Onyx

Imbued in history, our rare marbles and onyxes are just that, rare, often from long lost forgotten quarries more..


Although closely related to Pietra Dura, Scagliogla is a complex art form in its own right. Batches of pigmented plaster, often mimicking natural stone, are inlaid and built up to produce complex pictures. more..


semi-precious and hard-stone surfaces more..

Semi-precious Collection

For the ultimate in luxury surfaces, our Semi-Precious Collection includes a wide variety of tiles made of semi-precious and hard stones. more..


Mother of Pearl’s shimmering, iridescent finish makes it perfect for decorative surfaces. more..

Stencilled Stone

Mankind has been irresistibly drawn to decorate stone since the cave drawings of prehistoric times. The porous nature of stone combines with paint to produce a uniquely ‘soft’ decorative finish. more..

Stone Collection

Natural or handcrafted more..

Terracotta Floors and Walls

CHANGE PICTURE ***** Our carefully selected Terracotta tiles give a warm rich colour to any room more..


Texture is used to describe either the way a three-dimensional item actually feels when touched, or the visual "feel" of a two-dimensional piece of work. more..


Vellum, also referred to as parchment, is usually made from goat and calf skin and has had many applications over the last 1500 years. Its uses varied from map making, early book binding and a plain surface to simply write on. more..

Waterjet Mosaics

Our luxury mixed material tiles from The Artistic Tile Company utilise advanced technology to create impressively intricate designs. more..

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